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the Nokia 770 rocks

I’ve been greatly enjoying my 770 this summer. It’s the perfect tool to debug (wifi) networking issues in a big building with wifi – no more need to lug a bulky laptop around. Awesome. The other night I was visiting … Continue reading

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how Brussels airport is making itself superfluous

So there’s been a bit of a scare with regard to flights to the US, after a terrorist plot was uncovered in the UK. Or, more accurately, after the Associated Press reported that the plot was uncovered. All sorts of … Continue reading

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debian and HP

So. HP is finally going to provide some more Debian support. Very good. And basically just what I want; I don’t need paid support. I just want Debian packages for their hardware monitoring tools. I want the necessary drivers to … Continue reading

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cell phones

Signal vs. Noise has an interesting post on the state of cell phones. I disagree with one statement: Today’s phones are failures — mainly software/interface failures. I think today’s cell phones are mostly that – phones. All the other features … Continue reading

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Cory Doctorow on DRM

Cory Doctorow has an excellent article on Information Week on the idiocy of DRM.

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