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Belgium jumps on the ODF bandwagon

The Belgian federal government is switching to the ODF format for its office documents by September 2008. Here’s the press release (in Dutch and French only). Here’s an article in English describing the move, and here’s the Belgian government interoperability … Continue reading

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swiss chard

Swiss chard is a curious vegetable. Raw, it smells like rhubarb. It looks like rhubarb – though the stems are not as thick. When cooked, it smells like spinach and the leaves taste like spinach too. But it has the … Continue reading

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dapper rocks

A friend came over with her 20″ Imac that did not boot anymore – hard drive problems. Macs can be started up in Target Mode, where you essentially turn the computer into an external Firewire hard drive. I hooked the … Continue reading

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A lot has been written about Sony’s delayed PS3. This article gives a good overview of one of the main reasons that I don’t buy Sony: they refuse to follow standards regarding storage media.

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IEEE Spectrum on the DMCA

There is an excellent article on the DMCA in the June issue of IEEE Spectrum. Go read it – it’s an excellent overview of just how ridiculously bad a law the DMCA is.

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an inconvenient truth

Went to see Al Gore’s An Inconvenient truth last night. Highly recommended. I think the planet is in for major trouble – the bit about the ocean level rising is particularly disturbing… Check out the website, too, particularly the advice … Continue reading

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