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Google’s broken

Every search result is returned marked as “This site may harm your computer”: Click on a result, and you get this: There goes my productivity… Update at 10:18: they finally fixed it. Phew. Update: here’s the official explanation from Google.

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finally: SD/SDHC cards without DRM

Super Talent Technology has a range of SD and

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from an alternate universe

Microsoft has launched a mobile music service, crippled with DRM. In 2009. While almost all music is available for digital download without DRM, legally, from the likes of Amazon or iTunes. There are some baffling quotes in this article. It’s … Continue reading

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what’s going on with the .org nameservers?

I got rather strange error messages from two servers this evening, one at 18:00:21 EST, and another one at 18:34:01 EST. One server lives in Brussels, the other in Boston. On both servers a (totally different) script executed via cron … Continue reading

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Windows + warships == asking for trouble

The British Royal Navy is outfitting its warships with Windows. This is of course a fantastic, forward-thinking idea. It’s not like these warships could then become infected with viruses or anything…

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the idiocy of region encoding

I don’t own many DVDs, but at least some of the Flemish ones that I do have are not region encoded. But somewhere, someone decided that it would be a good idea to put region encoding (zone 2, Europe) on … Continue reading

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