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Irish Swiss cheese

This country never ceases to amaze me. Everything is standardized – down to the kind of cheese you get when you order a sandwich. There’s American, Swiss, Cheddar, Provolone, etc. Somehow Emmentaler, Gruyere and the many other cheeses from Switzerland … Continue reading

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Free the Airwaves

Via the Google blog: the FCC is set to rule shortly on the unused ‘white spaces’ – parts of the spectrum between broadcast TV channels that currently goes largely unused. Google’s launching Free the airwaves – a campaign to make … Continue reading

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price comparison: Dell XPS M1530 with Ubuntu vs. Windows

Dell announced that a few more models are now available pre-installed with Ubuntu: the XPS 1530n and the Studio 15n. I configured an XPS 1530n with the following specs, which are available both with Ubuntu and Windows: SYSTEM COLOR Tuxedo … Continue reading

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kexec’ing into a Xen kernel

I’ve got a number of servers that run coreboot + Xen. I like to run coreboot with a linux-as-a-bootloader (LAB) payload. That means that coreboot, after bringing up the machine, boots into a small linux kernel + busybox environment, entirely … Continue reading

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my apartment needs a tail

Ars Technica describes a pilot project in Ottawa that puts a new twist on telecommunication infrastructure: the customer-owned last mile. From the article: A private company has recently completed a project to string dark fiber from a colocation facility under … Continue reading

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