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and so…

the great patent war begins. This is the big one.

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ff3 sets downloaded files as readonly when using the ‘open with’ feature

Firefox 3 has a new ‘feature’ where downloaded files are marked readonly when they are opened on the fly with the ‘open with’ feature. The reasoning behind this is that there were many people who lost information because they didn’t … Continue reading

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facebook: stop the language nonsense (part 3)

If you thought Facebook’s language incompetence could not get worse, you’re wrong. I received a couple Facebook notifications today in French, from people who live in Flanders. Facebook, this is the 21st century. It’s really not that hard to see … Continue reading

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Facebook: please hire programmers that speak languages other than just English (part 2)

Facebook is apparently still sending out notifications in the preferred language of the sender instead of the recipient. The problem is worse than just that though. I received a notification in German that said: … hat dich als FreundIn auf … Continue reading

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Dear facebook – please fix your languages

Facebook is now sending out notifications *in the preferred language of originator*, instead of the recipient. Someone accepted your friend request but uses Facebook in Spanish? You’ll get the notification e-mail in Spanish. That is of couse silly. This evening … Continue reading

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