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solid state disks

So Dell now has 32GB solid state disks as an option on the Latitude D420 and the Latitude ATG. They’re still a bit pricey (almost $500 extra) and not very big, but that will change soon. I wonder what percentage … Continue reading

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Massachusetts should use free software

The website has a new issue listed about the use of free software in Massachusetts government. If you are a resident of the Bay State, please support this issue!

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a new record

This morning, a user on one of our machines (inadvertently) created a mail loop with a bad procmail script: 09:42:05 up 120 days, 9:23, 20 users, load average: 3367.40, 3265.08, 2751.75 I had seen machines go up to about 200 … Continue reading

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gigabyte m57sli-s4 with extra bios socket

ST wrote up a nice howto on adding a PLCC socket to the m57sli-s4. This is a great alternative to de-soldering the original chip to add a socket. He still needs to do some more testing, but this sure looks … Continue reading

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Bari Ari wrote to the LinuxBIOS mailing list a couple days ago announcing FLASH-PLAICE: a programmer, logic analyzer and in-circuit flash emulator project that will speed up LinuxBIOS development considerably. The project is based off an inexpensive Xilinx Spartan FPGA … Continue reading

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the beginning of the end for DRM on music

Good news this Monday morning: Apple is going to sell songs from the entire EMI digital music catalog without DRM, starting next month. Non-DRM”d tracks will come at a premium price ($1.29), but also with better quality – 256Kbps AAC. … Continue reading

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