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an example of DRM

A few days ago, I mentioned that most (current) HP and IBM laptops come with DRM in the BIOS. If you were wondering how DRM will affect you and why it’s bad, here’s a prime example of DRM and how … Continue reading

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time to fight back

I’ve had it. I’m sick of region encoding on DVDs and video games. I’m sick of crippled (‘copy-protected’) audio CDs. I’m sick of DRM’d music. I’m sick of the fact that I can’t legally use the DVDs I purchased on … Continue reading

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Go Pearl Jam!

Pearl Jam have just released their new video under an attribution, non commercial, no derivatives Creative Commons license. You can download it from Google Video. It plays fine with Mplayer. According to this Google blog post, the free download is … Continue reading

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why broadcom sucks

I’ve upgraded a few key parts of my laptop. I have a somewhat ageing Dell Inspiron 5150, which has some nice features (1400×900 screen resolution, 3GHz P4 CPU) and some not-so-nice ones: it weighs a ton, it gets really hot … Continue reading

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