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the web 2.0 hype

This article on the Register’s development site is pretty interesting. To be honest I don’t really understand the whole web 2.0 hype – for me Ajax is just a tool to make web-based interfaces more user friendly. A future of … Continue reading

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Free Ryzom. It’s time.

Several other bloggers have written about the Free Ryzom campaign. In a nutshell, Nevrax, the French company that wrote Ryzom and is running the game is going bankrupt. Not because the game is not good – check out the free … Continue reading

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the music industry

So, in one week the music industry has managed to get signatures from artists that are dead in support of a (retroactive!) copyright extension in the UK, and now the RIAA is trying to lower the royalties it pays to … Continue reading

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Linksys WRT54GL

I’ve been a fan of the Linksys WRT54 series of wireless routers for quite a while now. They are cheap, and you can replace the firmware with the excellent DD-WRT or Openwrt, which are both GPL’d GNU/Linux distributions for the … Continue reading

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junk mail from the bank

So, my bank sent me some real-world spam today. The seem to like to do that, trying to sell me all sorts of subscriptions to services I’m not interested in. Anyway. This letter was particularly cheeky, here’s how it began: … Continue reading

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