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oh, spammers…

I got a most intriguing piece of spam in my mailbox today. It passed through dspam because it was so interesting that I would appreciate it. I’m very happy with dspam that way – it really knows what e-mail I … Continue reading

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Last week I wrote about the iPhone and it’s lack of openness. I mentioned the openmoko as an alternative. The company behind openmoko has just released it’s roadmap. The e-mail also contains the detailed hardware specs, and outlines their philosophy … Continue reading

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Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN, RFC 3168) has been around for quite a while now, but there are still lots of devices and hosts out there that don’t support it properly. For instance,, and apparently all HP’s ILO and ILO2 … Continue reading

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MIT’s got a bit of bandwidth

Interesting interview with Jeff Schiller, MIT’s main network guy, in Network World. MIT is going to activate a direct link to New York city later this month – 72 10G waves. Yes. That’s 720Gbit/s. From Boston. To New York.

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the problem with the iPhone

So Apple announced the iPhone on Tuesday. It looks beautiful with its big screen, and it sounds exciting – both from a user interface perspective (those multi-finger touchscreen commands sound fascinating) as from a technology perspective: it runs (a stripped … Continue reading

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the dirty secret of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

The LA Times exposes the Gates Foundation as an unethical investor. Read the article – it’s shocking. They are trying to do all this good in the world, and at the same time they have their enormous assets invested in … Continue reading

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of IE and Firefox

Brian Krebs put up an excellent article at the Washington Post, analyzing how many days in 2006 IE was vulnerable because of critical, unpatched security problems for which documentation and/or exploit code was available online. IE’s record is abysmal: 284 … Continue reading

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petition: the council of the european union – lack of open standards

The Council of the European Union streams some of its meetings and press conferences online. Unfortunately, that streaming is done in Windows Media format. They barely support browsers other than IE, and then only on Windows and Mac OS X. … Continue reading

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