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the belgian google lawsuit

I must admit that I’m ashamed – my countrymen are being ridiculous. The lawsuit against Google does not make any sense. The Google blog has a nice post outlining the basics of the case. Basically – if those newspapers don’t … Continue reading

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why VAlinux went out of the hardware business

At work, someone donated an old VAlinux server 1000 a while back. It has all sorts of weirdness about it: no vga and ps/2 ports onboard, but a breakout box that provides them. The breakout box connects to the server … Continue reading

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I’ve been meaning to play with some of these gumstix for a long time. Recently they released the Netstix 200xm-cf that puts ethernet, a CF socket, a 200MHz Xscale CPU, 64MB of RAM and 16MB of flash in a tiny … Continue reading

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Simply RISC

I wrote a while back about Sun’s decision to GPL the design for its Niagara T1 chip. As Larry Lessig reports, there is now a company in Europe that is shipping a modified design targeted at embedded systems. Check out … Continue reading

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another LinuxBIOS build tutorial

We acquired a Tyan Transport GX28 with a Tyan s2882 board at work (rather by accident, in fact). Turns out my Tyan S2881 Build Tutorial worked pretty much out of the box for the S2882, so I’ve put up a … Continue reading

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Debian and Ubuntu

Mark Shuttleworth has an insightful post about the relation between Debian and Ubuntu on his blog. It’s quite refreshing to see such a positive take on the sometimes difficult relationship between my two favourite distributions. Worth reading.

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phishers are getting smarter

I received this e-mail today: MBNA Logo Dear customer! Due to high fraud activity we constantly increasing security level both for online banking and card transactions. In order to update our records you are required to call MBNA Card Service … Continue reading

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oh, microsoft…

Microsoft skipped the whole Patch Tuesday circus and took only 3 days to get a patch out the door for a ‘vulnerability’ in its PlaysForSure DRM system. Basically, the patch is aimed at blocking the FairUse4WM program that can strip … Continue reading

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Boston’s weekly dig on DRM

Nice article, though there are a few inaccuracies: for instance, the FSF’s address (and the Catholic gift shop) are on Franklin street, not on Federal street which is a cross street a couple of blocks over from the FSF office.

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Brussels airport finally comes to its senses

The security nonsense at Brussels airport seems to be finally finished. As of Monday September 4th, Brussels’ hand luggage policy falls in line with all the other airports on the European continent: As from Monday 04 September 2006, US-bound passengers … Continue reading

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