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power supply efficiency

This article is a very good read about power supply efficiency and what Google is trying to do to improve the quality of the average PC power supply. More power to them! I’ve long wondered why we don’t have a … Continue reading

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I am…

Anders F Björklund‘s “I am…” mashup is hilarious:

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analyzing power usage

Intel has released powerTOP, a tool to help analyze which applications are using (too much) power. Particularly helpful if you have a laptop and want to extend battery life. Very nice.

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norway’s pension fund

The New York Times has an interesting article about how Norway is divesting some of its huge pension fund based on ethical considerations – in this particular case, Wal-mart’s turning a blind eye to child-labor at its suppliers, and its … Continue reading

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Nikon Coolpix S10 vs. 995

20,000 pictures and roughly 5.5 years after I got my first digital camera, a Nikon Coolpix 995, I’m ready to finally retire it in favor of a Coolpix S10. Both cameras are of course from Nikon’s famous ‘swivel’ range – … Continue reading

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clarification of the OLPC and Microsoft situation

Ars technica published a story that exposes the reports by Reuters and AP earlier in the week about OLPC ‘supporting’ Microsoft Windows as, well, a load of nonsense. Says Walter Bender of OLPC: “We are a free and open-source shop. … Continue reading

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Dell machines pre-loaded with Ubuntu 7.04

So it’s official, Dell is going to start shipping machines with Ubuntu Feisty preloaded by the end of May. This is great news. Check out the vlog by Mark Shuttleworth (in Ogg Theora format!) for more background information. The most … Continue reading

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the Economist on DRM

In an editorial on, the case against DRM is made. Here’s a nice quote: Belatedly, music executives have come to realise that DRM simply doesn’t work. It is supposed to stop unauthorised copying, but no copy-protection system has yet … Continue reading

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