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bad start for Deval Patrick

I was pretty excited that Deval Patrick won the elections here in MA. It was high time to get rid of our current narrow-minded governor. However, Mr. Patrick has made his first bad decision. He’s basically put a wolf in … Continue reading

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6 new copyright exemptions

The US copyright office at the Library of Congress has issued 6 new copyright exemptions. Basically, there are 6 new (narrow) exemptions from the DMCA: * anyone can now ‘unlock’ cell phones * film professors can break CSS to make … Continue reading

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total rip-off

While in Hamburg for the LinuxBIOS summit a couple weeks ago, I called home a couple times. The hotel had a helpful piece of paper stating ‘dial 777 for credit card calls’. Foolishly, I thought I’d better not use my … Continue reading

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newsweek on DRM and Defective by Design

Newsweek has a pretty good article on DRM that mentions the Defective by Design campaign. The only thing I don’t understand is this bit at the end: Music industry observers agree that once the public catches on to the limits … Continue reading

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broadband in the US sucks

I’ve said it for a long time, and it seems at least one person in the FCC is starting to speak up. Why is it that in the richest country of the world, in one of the major metropolitan areas … Continue reading

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Gnewsense 1.0 is out! At last we have a 100% Free, state of the art GNU/Linux distribution. The FSF press release can be found here. For the curious – the FSF has contributed (a lot of) bandwidth and a high-end … Continue reading

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