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nokia E70 + bluetooth + evince

I’m going to the Coreboot symposium 2008 in a few days, where I’ll give a talk titled ‘the view from the FSF’. I rarely give presentations so I figured I’d better spend some time to configure my laptop (a Dell … Continue reading

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why aren’t my svn repository hooks working?

The SVN FAQ has an entry with the title why aren’t my repository hooks working?. It describes some debugging tips for svn hooks. Unfortunately it does not mention a few very important SVN ‘features’: 1. stdout of all repository hooks … Continue reading

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of how XFS saved the day

Io, one of my mailservers, is a Xen instance. It’s moderately busy – a normal day sees about 12000 accepted messages and about 24000 rejected delivery attempts (spam). It’s an Exim/clamav/dspam setup, and a significant proportion of the 12000 accepted … Continue reading

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and audio books are following suit

The New York Times is reporting that several major book publishers are starting to do away with DRM on their audio books. Wonderful news, indeed.

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