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10 years of free public transportation in Hasselt

Carectomy has a nice writeup on 10 years of free public transportation in Hasselt, Belgium. I remember when this was introduced – most people wrote it off as a political stunt. It’s really nice to see that the project is … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs was almost right

When Apple launched DRM-free music on the iTunes music store, Jobs predicted that by the end of the year, all labels would be selling music in an unencumbered format (on the iTunes music store). Well, Warner has joined the MP3-selling … Continue reading

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javascript performance

Jeff Atwood has a great analysis of javascript performance in the four main browsers. He used the new Sunspider benchmark that the folks released recently. I’m curious how Firefox 3 compares – Firefox 2′s numbers are only so-so.

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the problem with the kindle

Mark Pilgrim has a really nice writeup on the problems with DRM and the Amazon Kindle in particular, written out as a play in 6 acts. He references RMS’s Right to read, as well as George Orwell’s 1984.

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