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didn’t move that far after all

Maybe there’s more to my move to Massachusetts than I suspected. Check out this map comparing the GDP of US states with various countries around the world.

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belgium doesn’t exist

It’s clearly true. I think I might have to get one of these stickers:

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google and privacy

Privacy International has released a report stating that Google’s privacy policies are “the worst on the web”, ranking it dead last in a list of “internet service companies” that includes names like Microsoft, Ebay,, Livejournal, the BBC, Amazon, etc. … Continue reading

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flashing a soekris 4801 – or how yet another proprietary BIOS sucks

I got a Soekris 4801-60 for use as a firewall/gateway at one of my (very) remote setups. These things are reliable, very low power, and they have no moving parts if you boot off compact flash. They are Geode-based, so … Continue reading

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40% efficient solar cells

Scientists at a subsidiary of Boeing have published research on solar cells for electricity generation that are more than 40% effective. These are solar cells for use in concentrators, perhaps like the one in Seville, Spain, though that one of … Continue reading

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