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now this is broadband…

The above screenshot was taken at a colocation facility. … unfortunately this kind of speed is totally unaffordable at home, at least in this country. Thanks so much, dear politicians and FCC – your deregulation policies and over $200 billion … Continue reading

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Dell 1420N, preloaded with Ubuntu

My laptop died a couple weeks ago – an almost 4 years old Inspiron 5150 which despite all its overheating problems was quite reliable. Of course it came with Windows XP, but I only ever ran Debian and Ubuntu on … Continue reading

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monitor power consumption

I got a ViewSonic VP2030b today, and given all the recent commotion about, I figured I would verify the claims in Google’s blogpost. Description Brightness Power consumption Sleep mode (no signal, orange light) or switched ‘off’ with the front … Continue reading

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more GPL’d chip designs from Sun

After the T1, Sun has now also pledged to release the core design files and test suites for the UltraSPARC T2 chip under the GPL. Way to go Sun! The T2 specs are quite impressive – 8 cores with 8 … Continue reading

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routing mess in Amsterdam

Sometimes internet routing goes seriously haywire. The routing for AS13127 (Versatel, a subsidiary of Tele-2 in Europe) seems to be completely messed up for (some) traffic that originates from outside of Europe. Here’s what that looks like from Boston (screenshot … Continue reading

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