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monit, mongrel_rails and ENV["HOME"]

So your mongrels are humming along happily and you have monit monitoring them with a definition like this: check process mongrel_8010 with pidfile /path/to/current/log/ start program = “/usr/bin/mongrel_rails cluster::start -C /path/to/current/config/mongrel_cluster.yml –clean –only 8010″ stop program = “/usr/bin/mongrel_rails cluster::stop -C … Continue reading

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Monticello municipal fiber now really a go

I wrote about Monticello, Minnesota and its fight with the local incumbent telco TDS last fall. At the time, TDS had its lawsuit against the city thrown out for lack of merit. No big surprise, since the gist of the … Continue reading

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df and zettabytes

This is a very confused filesystem. But check it out – df supports zettabytes! # df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/md0 19G -64Z 22G 101% / Surprisingly, the machine is up and runs just fine.

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on the G1′s bluetooth support

I got a G1 the other day, and have it upgraded to android 1.5 (cupcake). Turns out the bluetooth abilities of this phone are rather … limited, particularly compared to my trusty nokia E70: G1: $ sdptool browse 00:22:A5:XX:XX:XX Browsing … Continue reading

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IIS taking a nosedive

Netcraft’s June 2009 Web Server Survey is very interesting. Check out the IIS line on this graph (red): That sharp drop is a reduction from 29,049,223 (May) to 21,898,527 (June) active sites. Netcraft explains the drop like this: A reduction … Continue reading

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on the importance of gem cleanup

I have a monit config that tries to stop/start mongrel instances like this: start program = “/usr/bin/mongrel_rails cluster::start -C path-to-mongrel_cluster.yml –clean –only PORT” stop program = “/usr/bin/mongrel_rails cluster::stop -C path-to-mongrel_cluster.yml –clean –only PORT” I have the latest mongrel_cluster gem installed … Continue reading

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checking dns glue records

This is mostly a reminder to myself. Here’s a way to check a domain’s DNS glue records. For example, for google: dig +trace +nosearch +all +norecurse

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Jaunty’s stabilizing

A quick update on some of the bugs reported in my previous post bugs, bugs, bugs: upgrading to jaunty jackalope. The two most serious problems were atrocious Intel video performance, and ongoing sound issues. Thankfully, the Intel issues have been … Continue reading

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