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new license drafts

The second draft of the GPLv3 has been released, as well as a first draft for the LGPLv3. Have a look at the Guide to the new drafts of the GPL and LGPL.

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Stupid credit card terminals

A while back, a bunch of the electronic credit card terminals in and around Boston seemed to have been ‘upgraded’ with software that simply refused my signature. The first error was ‘Please start closer to the X’ – when I … Continue reading

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So – if you don’t like DRM, it’s time to sign the petition that asks U2′s Bono to take a stand against DRM. Go Defective By Design!

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new server, and LinuxBIOS

So I’ve ordered parts for a new server, and half of them got here today. It’ll be a nice machine – Tyan S2881-based, Opteron 265, 2GB of ECC ram, 2x 74GB WD Raptors and 2x 320GB Seagate drives. And if … Continue reading

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