docking boxes

WordPress 2 uses Docking boxes which are pretty nice. I’ve integrated them into one of my projects, and other than the fact that there seems to be a limit of 10 boxes on the number of boxes whose state is stored in the cookie, they work very nicely. They’re pretty simple to integrate too.

My only other gripe with them is that when going to another page, the boxes go to the default state first, until the dbx code is loaded and the stored state is restored. That’s a pretty annoying visual effect. But maybe I should try domFunction by the same author to deal with that. To be continued.

April says I should just dump the ‘dropped’ document in the mail, and that the USPS will return it to sender since there is no postage affixed. I think I’ll do that – at least the thing will be off my plate. And those people seem too incompetent to respond to an e-mail, so I don’t really care anymore.

Off to Switzerland tomorrow. Woo!

Update: I’ve fixed the 10-box limit for dbx. Patch in the forum on the site, and in the mailbox of the author. As patching someone else’s javascript goes, this was surprisingly painless.

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