fuel pump

So I should be in Switzerland now. And I was underway, in fact the plane had just passed Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada when the pilot announced a fuel pump had died, and we had to return to Boston. Too bad we had not reached the point of no return.

So I’m on the (extra) 16.45 flight this afternoon instead.

They gave us taxi vouchers upon return to Boston, for a company called Town Taxi. However, that company doesn’t actually have a presence at the airport – so I was waiting a very long time for a cab. But I did get back home by half past midnight.

This is the first time I flew Swiss since vowing never to do so again 4 years ago, after they changed the date of my flight from Christmas day to Christmas Eve and refused to do anything about the resulting problems this caused for me due to with connections from another international flight. Not exactly the most flexible of airlines…

Better luck today, hopefully!

If you like Sudoku, check out Ironsudoku. It’s a well implemented daily puzzle – good example of a smooth rails ‘web 2.0′ application. Update: it’s PHP. Duh – my bad.

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