Debian released a security advisory on Horde yesterday, so I had to upgrade a bunch of machines.

I run Horde/IMP from source. Upgrading to a newer version is kind of annoying; I lost a lot of time doing it. In case you need to upgrade Horde and/or some of its modules, here’s a (relatively) easy way.

1. Extract the new versions, put imp etc under the horde directory, and symlink imp-h3-4.1.1 (e.g.) to imp to make Horde see it. Do the same for all the other modules you need (turba, kronolith, etc).
2. For every component (this example is for horde itself; adjust accordingly for imp etc):
- check docs/UPGRADE, and do any (database) modifications that are needed
- cd config
- for f in *.dist; do cp $f `basename $f .dist`; done
- touch conf.bak
- cp your-old-horde-setup/config/conf.php .
- chown webserver-user:webserver-group *php *bak
- make any other modifications you made – check prefs.php, hooks.php, etc
- log in to Horde, regenerate the conf.php file for your component from the web interface
- compare the new conf.php with the old conf.php, make any required adjustments

That’s essentially it. The latest Horde has a configuration export feature, so I’m hoping that I won’t have to go through all this anymore…

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