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NPR on ogg vorbis

WBUR, one of the two NPR stations in Boston now streams in unencumbered and patent-free Ogg Vorbis! Check out the WBUR listen page. Here’s the direct link to the m3u. Also see the FSF press release about this.

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Thanks to the WP-OpenID plugin, this blog now supports OpenID. Woohoo!

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javascript performance

Jeff Atwood has a great analysis of javascript performance in the four main browsers. He used the new Sunspider benchmark that the folks released recently. I’m curious how Firefox 3 compares – Firefox 2′s numbers are only so-so.

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more GPL’d chip designs from Sun

After the T1, Sun has now also pledged to release the core design files and test suites for the UltraSPARC T2 chip under the GPL. Way to go Sun! The T2 specs are quite impressive – 8 cores with 8 … Continue reading

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google and spectrum auctions

Google is putting it’s money where it’s mouth is: it has pledged to bid $4.6 billion for the upcoming 700MHz spectrum auction if the FCC sets rules that require this spectrum to be used in a non-proprietary way: open applications, … Continue reading

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petition: the council of the european union – lack of open standards

The Council of the European Union streams some of its meetings and press conferences online. Unfortunately, that streaming is done in Windows Media format. They barely support browsers other than IE, and then only on Windows and Mac OS X. … Continue reading

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bad start for Deval Patrick

I was pretty excited that Deval Patrick won the elections here in MA. It was high time to get rid of our current narrow-minded governor. However, Mr. Patrick has made his first bad decision. He’s basically put a wolf in … Continue reading

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Belgium jumps on the ODF bandwagon

The Belgian federal government is switching to the ODF format for its office documents by September 2008. Here’s the press release (in Dutch and French only). Here’s an article in English describing the move, and here’s the Belgian government interoperability … Continue reading

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A lot has been written about Sony’s delayed PS3. This article gives a good overview of one of the main reasons that I don’t buy Sony: they refuse to follow standards regarding storage media.

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time to fight back

I’ve had it. I’m sick of region encoding on DVDs and video games. I’m sick of crippled (‘copy-protected’) audio CDs. I’m sick of DRM’d music. I’m sick of the fact that I can’t legally use the DVDs I purchased on … Continue reading

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