Stupid credit card terminals

A while back, a bunch of the electronic credit card terminals in and around Boston seemed to have been ‘upgraded’ with software that simply refused my signature.

The first error was ‘Please start closer to the X’ – when I wanted to start signing. My signature happens to start on the *right*, coming to the left with a line at the bottom where I then continue. I end with a couple of quick right-left-right strikes, again near the bottom, at which point the terminal complained ‘Use stylus only’. Even though, of course, I *was* using the stylus.

I had not encountered this problem recently, so I figured many people complained and whoever makes those terminals quickly pulled their flawed upgrade.

Until today – it seems the CVS in Porter Sq still has that software loaded on their terminals. These terminals make it impossible for me to write my signature.

I’m trying to imagine what kind of use those checks would have. Signatures always have to start on the left? Because… why? People who can write really fast need to be told that they should use the stylus? Good thinking, developers!

I think someone got carried away. It’s about time they re-join with their brain and fix this nonsense.

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