Brussels airport finally comes to its senses

The security nonsense at Brussels airport seems to be finally finished. As of Monday September 4th, Brussels’ hand luggage policy falls in line with all the other airports on the European continent:

As from Monday 04 September 2006, US-bound passengers can take one single piece of hand luggage on board the airplane.

The measure introducing the plastic bag has been withdrawn.Passengers are requested to check in 3 hours prior to their scheduled departure time.

Elektronics are again allowed in the hand luggage.

Liquids and gels must be packed into your luggage for check-in. Exceptions to this rule: liquids mentioned below are allowed:
- Drained mother’s milk, babyfood and fruit juice for accompanying babies or little children
- Prescribed medicines for the traveller whose name is on the flight ticket, insuline en necessary medicines without prescription.

Liquids, gels or creams can be purchased at the airport’s shops but they will be delivered by airport staff to the aircraft where passengers can take them on board. Airport shop assistants will happily help passengers with this procedure and answer any questions passengers may have.

These security measures do apply also to passengers transferring to a US-bound flight at Brussels Airport

For passengers flying to all other destinations, no additional security measures apply.

That’s exactly 3 weeks after even the UK started allowing hand luggage again. The UK, you know, that’s where the alleged terrorist plot was uncovered.
I don’t know what to say. It’s too ridiculous for words. Three weeks. What exactly were they trying to prove? Shame on you, Brussels.

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