phishers are getting smarter

I received this e-mail today:


Dear customer!

Due to high fraud activity we constantly increasing security level both for
online banking and card transactions. In order to update our records you are
required to call MBNA Card Service number at 1-800-976-5713 and update
information on your MBNA card.

This is free of charge and would not affect any transactions with your card.
Please note this is necessary to provide highest security level for all
transactions with your card.

Thank you.

David Morones,
Chief Officer,
MBNA Card Service Department

It’s a scam, of course – the headers say it came from a host called ( which is probably a compromised mailserver.

The interesting thing about this e-mail, though, is that the only contact mechanism is a US-based 1-800 number. There is no url to click on. The only image in the e-mail is an MBNA logo, which is linked in from the actual MBNA site.

I have not tried to call the 1-800 number. I wonder which phone company has sold the scammers that number…

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