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howto: replace a PLCC chip with a socket “ghetto style”

I used Peter Stuge’s “ghetto” method to replace a PLCC bios chip with a socket on an asus m2a-2vm board. This board has excellent coreboot support. The method basically consists of cutting off the legs of the PLCC chip as … Continue reading

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kexec’ing into a Xen kernel

I’ve got a number of servers that run coreboot + Xen. I like to run coreboot with a linux-as-a-bootloader (LAB) payload. That means that coreboot, after bringing up the machine, boots into a small linux kernel + busybox environment, entirely … Continue reading

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new coreboot logo

It’s official – we have a new logo! Many thanks to the folks who made this happen: * Konsult Stuge * coresystems GmbH * Kitchener Waterloo Linux User Group and Richard Weait * Breakfast Design

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coreboot update

The coreboot symposium in Denver was a success. As I announced during my talk there, Silicon Mechanics has pledged to ship servers with coreboot preinstalled – more in particular, their Rackform nServ A236 model, which is a 1U pizzabox with … Continue reading

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nokia E70 + bluetooth + evince

I’m going to the Coreboot symposium 2008 in a few days, where I’ll give a talk titled ‘the view from the FSF’. I rarely give presentations so I figured I’d better spend some time to configure my laptop (a Dell … Continue reading

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gigabyte m57sli-s4 and linuxBIOS: now easier

I checked in some code to add support for the m57sli-s4 to buildrom, the LinuxBIOS kconfig-style configuration tool that allows easy building of rom images. FILO and linux-as-a-bootloader (LAB – i.e. a linux kernel + busybox in the ROM chip) … Continue reading

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flashing a soekris 4801 – or how yet another proprietary BIOS sucks

I got a Soekris 4801-60 for use as a firewall/gateway at one of my (very) remote setups. These things are reliable, very low power, and they have no moving parts if you boot off compact flash. They are Geode-based, so … Continue reading

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gigabyte m57sli-s4 with extra bios socket

ST wrote up a nice howto on adding a PLCC socket to the m57sli-s4. This is a great alternative to de-soldering the original chip to add a socket. He still needs to do some more testing, but this sure looks … Continue reading

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Bari Ari wrote to the LinuxBIOS mailing list a couple days ago announcing FLASH-PLAICE: a programmer, logic analyzer and in-circuit flash emulator project that will speed up LinuxBIOS development considerably. The project is based off an inexpensive Xilinx Spartan FPGA … Continue reading

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Gigabyte m57sli-s4 LinuxBIOS build tutorial

I’ve written up a LinuxBIOS build tutorial for the Gigabyte m57sli-s4. This tutorial still works off Yinghai Lu’s big MCP55 patch, but a patch from Ed Swierk hit the list today which resolves the last issues for building the m57sli … Continue reading

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