le ‘dézonage’

We headed over to the local ‘media markt’ to buy a couple of cheap DVD players yesterday. All players were labeled as ‘multi-zone’ and when I asked about that, the sales guy happily explained that all the players they sell can play DVDs from any region. One simply takes the player to the service counter after purchase, where the service guy takes about 15 seconds to remove the region restriction from the player, free of charge. Just like that.

Sometimes the Swiss are pretty enlightened…

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  1. cobbaut says:

    Fnac Leuven (and probably lots of other Belgian shops) has been doing this since i bought my first DVD-player in 2000 or so.


  2. ward says:

    I wonder if they still do. I’m pretty sure that this is expressly forbidden by the anti-circumvention provisions in the European Copyright Directive, the EU equivalent of the DMCA.

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