routing mess in Amsterdam

Sometimes internet routing goes seriously haywire. The routing for AS13127 (Versatel, a subsidiary of Tele-2 in Europe) seems to be completely messed up for (some) traffic that originates from outside of Europe. Here’s what that looks like from Boston (screenshot from this morning):

The traffic gets lost on teleglobe’s backbone in Amsterdam.

I got the first problem report from a user in Australia around 7.15am EDT (that’s GMT -4). For lack of a better option (it’s a long story), I filed a ticket with Speakeasy (who provide my DSL), who escalated it to VSNL ( where the routing goes haywire, who ‘informed the local carrier’ i.e. Versatel. It’s pretty unbelievable that the folks at Versatel still had not noticed the problem, more than 9 hours after the outage began.

Speakeasy‘s support is first class, as always – but Versatel seems pretty clueless… Next time I’ll contact the Versatel hostmaster immediately rather than assume that they are already aware of the problem. They obviously need some encouraging. Now let’s hope they get their bloody network fixed sometime soon.

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