10 years of free public transportation in Hasselt

Carectomy has a nice writeup on 10 years of free public transportation in Hasselt, Belgium. I remember when this was introduced – most people wrote it off as a political stunt. It’s really nice to see that the project is still alive and kicking 10 years later.

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  1. hulte002 says:

    This was what I was waiting for, thanks for putting all these data from carectomy and from Tyee in your weblog. I will pass these on in my weblog.
    Go and see what I write and advocate already for many yers (my first book on free public transport dates from 1972).
    See website http://www.gratisopenbaarvervoer.nl with many articles and much data.
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    The Netherlands
    Lector Governance SAXION Hogescholen
    Tel. 31-(0)320-221279, e-mail: michelvanhulten@planet.nl
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