wireless mac address cloning on WRT54GL

I have a bunch of WRT54GL units that still run OpenWRT Kamikaze 7.07 (latest version is 7.09).

I needed to swap out a unit that is one half of a WDS pair, but preferred not to touch the other half. Cloning the wan mac address on these things is easy, but cloning the wifi mac address seems entirely undocumented.

Here’s how you do that on these units:

nvram get il0macaddr
nvram set il0macaddr=your-desired-address
nvram commit

This is a little odd: first of all Kamikaze supposedly does not use nvram anymore (seems like that’s not true), and secondly there is also a wl0_hwaddr variable that seems to be unused.

For completeness, you can list all nvram variables and their values like this:

nvram show

Anyway, now you know how to do this on Kamikaze 7.07. At some point I’ll figure out if 7.09 behaves in the same way or not.

Update 2008-07-13: this also applies to Kamikaze 7.09.

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