the idiocy of region encoding

I don’t own many DVDs, but at least some of the Flemish ones that I do have are not region encoded.
But somewhere, someone decided that it would be a good idea to put region encoding (zone 2, Europe) on the Dutch/Flemish version of “Sesamstraat” (Sesame Street) DVDs.

I’m sure the producers are happy that all those people who speak Dutch and don’t live in Europe will now have to wait until the DVD comes out for their region, which will happen in approximately a million years, three days and 15 seconds. In other words, never.

There are probably fewer than a few hundred thousand Dutch speakers that don’t live in Europe (barring similar languages like Afrikaans). Given the limited usefulness of the DVD to folks who do not understand Dutch, what exactly is that region encoding for?

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  1. nelevr says:

    hola, Ward, dat moet veranderd worden.
    Laat uw kinderen NOOIT opgroeien zonder Nederlandse Sesamstraat!!
    Dat word anders een nooit op te vullen gat in hun cultuur!
    Alles in orde voor de rest?


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