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record labels…

Last Monday, Nine Inch Nails announced that they are no longer under contract with a record label, and intend to sell their music directly to the public. Yesterday, Radiohead released its latest album online allowing the buyer to decide how … Continue reading

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more DRM-free music – and Amazon needs a clue

Amazon has launched Amazon MP3, a DRM-free music store. From the press release: Amazon MP3 Offers Over 2 Million Songs From More Than 180,000 Artists and Over 20,000 Labels, Including EMI Music and Universal Music Group So that’s the second … Continue reading

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le ‘dézonage’

We headed over to the local ‘media markt’ to buy a couple of cheap DVD players yesterday. All players were labeled as ‘multi-zone’ and when I asked about that, the sales guy happily explained that all the players they sell … Continue reading

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the Economist on DRM

In an editorial on, the case against DRM is made. Here’s a nice quote: Belatedly, music executives have come to realise that DRM simply doesn’t work. It is supposed to stop unauthorised copying, but no copy-protection system has yet … Continue reading

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the beginning of the end for DRM on music

Good news this Monday morning: Apple is going to sell songs from the entire EMI digital music catalog without DRM, starting next month. Non-DRM”d tracks will come at a premium price ($1.29), but also with better quality – 256Kbps AAC. … Continue reading

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Eric Flint on the folly of DRM

Eric Flint, a sci-fi author, published a great essay on the counterproductiveness of DRM. It’s worth a read. Now if only the content industry could get their collective heads out of the sand and start listening to this guy… He … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs’ thoughts on music

Apple has posted an essay by Steve Jobs, with his thoughts on music. More specifically, his thoughts on the mounting pressure from Eureopean governments on Apple to open up it’s Fairplay DRM scheme to its competitors, so that consumers could … Continue reading

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newsweek on DRM and Defective by Design

Newsweek has a pretty good article on DRM that mentions the Defective by Design campaign. The only thing I don’t understand is this bit at the end: Music industry observers agree that once the public catches on to the limits … Continue reading

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DRM video contest winners has announced the winners of the DRM video contest. These videos are really fantastic – the only thing that’s a shame is that the proprietary Flash plugin is necessary to view (most of) them. The GNASH project is not … Continue reading

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oh, microsoft…

Microsoft skipped the whole Patch Tuesday circus and took only 3 days to get a patch out the door for a ‘vulnerability’ in its PlaysForSure DRM system. Basically, the patch is aimed at blocking the FairUse4WM program that can strip … Continue reading

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