another LinuxBIOS build tutorial

We acquired a Tyan Transport GX28 with a Tyan s2882 board at work (rather by accident, in fact). Turns out my Tyan S2881 Build Tutorial worked pretty much out of the box for the S2882, so I’ve put up a complete Tyan S2882 Build Tutorial too. It’s basically the same, with all references to the S2881 replaced with S2882 and a couple of extra comments.

Now if the sata drives had not been plugged into port 3 and 4 instead of 1 and 2 (this chassis only has 2 drive bays) it would have worked with the first build of my image. Building LinuxBIOS images is not hard at all now. Just follow the build tutorials, and you’ll see for yourself!

I can’t reveal the purpose of this box just yet – but if all goes well it’s going into production this Friday (with LinuxBIOS!) and there should be an announcement made at the FSF site sometime next week.

By the way – the LinuxBIOS summit in Hamburg, Germany is only a couple of weeks away. That should be a very interesting event.

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