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kexec’ing into a Xen kernel

I’ve got a number of servers that run coreboot + Xen. I like to run coreboot with a linux-as-a-bootloader (LAB) payload. That means that coreboot, after bringing up the machine, boots into a small linux kernel + busybox environment, entirely … Continue reading

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xen 3.2 serial

Getting access to the serial port in a Xen 3.2 dom0 is somewhat complicated. This is the magic incantation for your grub menu.lst file to get console at 115200 bps on the first physical serial port, as well as on … Continue reading

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Xen 3.2.0

So Xen 3.2.0 was released last week. Oddly enough there are no precompiled 64-bit binaries anymore. That does not make much sense to me – running Xen on 32 bit is just… painful. Problems with accessing ram beyond 4GB, issues … Continue reading

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a new record

This morning, a user on one of our machines (inadvertently) created a mail loop with a bad procmail script: 09:42:05 up 120 days, 9:23, 20 users, load average: 3367.40, 3265.08, 2751.75 I had seen machines go up to about 200 … Continue reading

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