coreboot update

The coreboot symposium in Denver was a success. As I announced during my talk there, Silicon Mechanics has pledged to ship servers with coreboot preinstalled – more in particular, their Rackform nServ A236 model, which is a 1U pizzabox with a nice dual-socket F Opteron board by supermicro. I’ve got a bunch of those machines in production running coreboot, and they’re pretty awesome.

Marc’s AMD talk [PDF] was fascinating – AMD’s really behind coreboot, and there is a lot of hardware support in the pipeline. Awesome stuff.

Finally, we also ported a new board to v3: support for the PC Engines Alix.2C3 is now in the coreboot v3 tree. It’s not perfect yet – there’s an irq conflict between the usb ports and eth2 that needs to be sorted out, but we hope to fix that shortly and other than that it works great.

Update 2008-04-18: this is the Silicon Mechanics press release.

Update 2008-05-09: the irq issues on the alix.2c3 are resolved. Get revision 680 or higher.

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